Monday, June 8, 2009

Working Harder for the Money!

Welcome to our second week of "Working Hard for the Money"! In this series, based on the amazing ideas of Momsbyheart, we will be exploring ways open to all of us (for the most part) to make some money, whether you're in between jobs or just need to supplement your income without the traditional hassle of a second job (set hours, boring work, etc.):

1. Freelance Writing - For all of you who have those writing skills leftover from college, here are some ideas for how to make a little money doing freelance work. Based on your areas of expertise, there are any number of online publications to utilize to share something you would feel passionate about researching and writing about on a regular basis.
If you're feeling more ambitious and are willing to make a grassroots effort, make a list of magazines, local newspapers, newsletters or other publications that would work well in your chosen niche. Contact the editors and ask for their writers guidelines. Be prepared to submit a sample of your writing. Finally, you can visit the following sites for more info and freelance opportunities:
Associated Press
Writer Interrupted

2. Be an eJuror - This one actually sounds pretty neat: you can get paid to be part of a mock jury/focus group that helps attorneys prepare for trial. Pay typically ranges from $10-$60 depending on the trial length:
Trial Practices

3. Be a Freelance Translator - If your native language is something other than English or you are fluent in another language, there are many companies looking for document translation. Expect to take a proficiency test and sign a non-disclosure statement. Here are some resources:
Language Translation, Inc.

4. Transcription - If you have strong typing and spelling skills, consider transcription work. Here are a couple resources:

Good luck and work hard!

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