Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best Deals of the Week! (6/7-6/13)

This week seemed a little lean to me, so I'm going to just share the best that I've seen:

Gillette Fusion razor or Venus razor, $7.99 and $4ECB back
   Use $4/1 from 6/6 P&G insert, w/ECB = FREE
Check the clearance area! At mine there was tons of great

Blueberries, 1pt, or Strawberries, 1lb
   $1.49each or $0.88 w/in-ad coupon and $25 purchase (Limit 1 @$0.88)
LaYogurt, $0.39each

Crystal Light raspberry lemonade, 3ct (by the register)
   $0.99each - $1/1 or buy 2 and use $2/2 coupon here = FREE +$0.01overage!
Hefty One-Zip baggies, 7ct (in travel size section)
   $0.97each - $1/1 from SS dispenser = FREE + $0.03overage!
Morningstar Farms soy products, various
   $2.99-$3.69each - (2)$1/1 by joining Morningstar team - $1/2 Target coupon = $0.99-$2.19each
Kraft dressing or mayo
   $1.99 - $1/1 coupon here - $1/1 Target coupon = FREE + $0.01overage!

Let's start the week right!

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