Friday, June 12, 2009

Free photos!

One of the pains of being an avid photographer is having the pay out the money in the end to have the photos developed. From the points of view of the Femmes Frugal, one being an avid photographer (Katharine) and the other being a total narcissist and thus having way too many pictures of herself (Ali), this end-cost is a major draw back and has lead to massive backlogs of unprinted photos taking up space in various memory cards, hard drives, etc. But now CVS has offered us a solution!

When you visit their photo website here and create a new account, they give you a credit good for 50 free photos! Plus, if you use the code "FREE8X10" you can add an extra 8x10 photo to your order. A total of 51 photos and by having them shipped to a CVS store near you, you can also save on the shipping for a total of $0...Sweet deal!

Yours frugally,

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