Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Check this out (for the ladies)

As we all attempt to navigate the corporate/business world, a huge part of that is networking. Despite changes in the workforce make-up to be more female-friendly, I'd still agree with the statement that it's "a man's world". To even it out and make our way up the ladder, we, women, need to be able to compete and put ourselves out there with the boys. And where can we find the boys? On the golf course, of course!

This leads me to my announcement: June is Women's Golf Month! All across the country, golf courses and driving ranges are offering free clinics and seriously reduced prices for course time. Check out this website for more information about programs in your area. Most programs are running either Saturday morning or evening and require you to call a head and make a reservation, so be sure to do that before heading out. I'm hopefully going out this weekend, so I'll let you know how it goes! FYI, ask whether you need to bring your own clubs and how much balls cost (ex. where I'm going they will supply clubs for free, but a bucket of balls is $8). Being able to play golf is a fantastic thing, especially since it's an amazing sport and a good chance to get yourself out there!

Swing away at this offer!

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