Thursday, June 4, 2009

Workin' Hard for the Money!

All of us, your two femme frugals included, seem to be working even harder lately in an effort to avoid being the unfortunate recipients of any of those pink slips that seem to be flying around these days. When it comes to extra work, however, there are ways of finding sources of extra income that won't add significant time to your 40hr+ work week! As a disclaimer, I borrowed the best ideas (in my opinion) from the MomsbyHeart site series "Skills to Pay the Bills". As I try some of these out, I hope some of you will join me--that being said, be sure to check up on any service, company, or website before giving out personal/sensitive information!

1) Virtual Customer Service - With a landline & a computer, you can choose your own hours and work at home as a customer service representative. Expect many of these companies to require a credit and background check, as well as call-in script reading. Some may have other qualifications as well, so read the job descriptions carefully. A few companies to look into:

* Arise
* Working Solutions
* LiveOps
* Accolade Support
* Overflow USA
* ADC Direct
* Alpine Access
* Customer Loyalty Concepts
* Staffing at Home
* VIP Desk
* Hirepoint
* Convergys
* West at Home

2) Verification Agent - Have you ever changed your long distance service, and been asked to hold for a 3rd party verification agent? Chances are, that agent was working from home. Visit VoiceLog for information on becoming an independent contractor.
3) Virtual Publicist - There are literally thousands of virtual public relations firms across the country who are looking for experienced PR people. If you have experience in writing, event planning, promotions, pitching or marketing, contact one of these companies for more information.
* Perkett PR
* Bisbee & Co.
* Orca Communications
* Google search for "virtual public relations firm"

4) Online Tutoring - Attention college graduates. Connect with students online as a tutor in a variety of subjects. Positions require you to take a competency test and some require previous teaching experience. Here is a list of sources:

* TutorVista
* Tutorzilla
* TutorNation
* Kaplan

5) Join SwagBucks to earn points that you can trade in for gift certificates for and other great things! I use this and I just got my first $5 amazon gift card! Clearly, if I were more diligent about doing my searches through here I would have gotten it a lot soon, but it just goes to show that it works...

Search & Win

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