Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to the Femmes Frugal!

Welcome to the Femmes Frugal! (not that anyone's reading this now, but hopefully someone will in the future...) I'm Alison, sometimes Ali, and I'm really excited about beginning this blog. Things to watch for from me in the future will be my frugal/freebie adventures, converting friends and family to the frugal/green life, and my struggles to stay frugal and green. Trying to stay entertained is also a huge thing so free and green travels and activities are a must. I'm looking for a job, but until I find one I'm supplementing my income/needs and that of my family with freebies and gardening, which makes me feel like I'm contributing (besides by my manual labor). Sometimes I go overboard when I find a deal (such as having 6 boxes of cereal and 3 cartons of soy milk stored away because I got it all for free). I do love to break down the how, when, and where of my shopping deals, so watch for that. And even though you probably won't see me talking about very high-tech stuff, I'm very into doing things to conserve and live greenly. My biggest project for this summer is that I'm trying to get grants from the state so that my parents can install solar panels on our garage mostly for free (*crosses fingers*).

So at this point my favorite websites for coupons and freebies are and And as far as freebies go this has been a pretty good week. I tried out my sample John Frieda Weather Works shampoo, conditioner, and serum on Sunday, which I got from Walmart. It was really excellent and I'd recommend ordering it, but just a warning--it was very strongly scented. So while my hair was soft and frizz-free, it also smelled like an elevator full of rich women just after their anniversaries (aka lots of expensive perfume).

Some other good things were a free sample of Dunkin Donuts coffee, can't wait to try that. I also got my first movie from my free one-month Netflix subscription (technically my second, but the first time the sent the wrong movie grrr....).

On the shopping front its been pretty good as well. So here is my Monday shopping trip: I've spent some time stockpiling LiveActive cereal using the coupon from the website. You can print a $3 off coupon and at StopandShop its on sale for $2.50, so its FREE! So I got one box of that for free. Yo+ yogurt is 2/$4, using a $1 off coupon, I got one pack for $1. Then I saw Kashi crackers marked $2.29, yay--I have a $2 off Kashi coupon! But then I get to the self-checkout and it rings up $3.29. So the lady comes over to help and it turns out I'm right--duh. Now good to know: S&S has a policy that if they get a price wrong you get the item for free...SCORE! And after I got that one box for free, I had another that they had to give me at $2.29, so I whip out just one of the coupons. $0.29 for two boxes of delicious organic crackers! (Also, it anyone can get a hold of a $1 off Quaker Simple Harvest coupon, now is the time to use it on the oatmeal--its being discontinued at S&S so its 50% off $3.50, which makes it $1.75 minus $1 makes it $0.75. --I don't have one though) Yogurt, cereal, and two boxes of cracker all for $1.29? Now bad, grasshopper...

Only other deal stuff going on today was when I went to Walmart with my mom. I needed new razors desperately, and I found a pack a four Schick Soliel (?) for $4.67. I had a $2 off coupon, making it $2.67 and then since my mom wanted to put it all on her charge card I bought her a tube of Colgate toothpaste (6.4 oz $1 - $1coupon = FREE) and later used another $1 off coupon for something the family needed for groceries. I figure since so much of the food I get for free feeds the family anyway, it all ends up even somehow.

Oh, and I also spent some time getting a couple of magazine subscriptions from! Neat site, kind of annoying, though. There's a choice of about four magazine subscriptions and to "earn" it you have to watch a certain number of commercials. Not a bad deal in my opinion (considering I did it twice from two different emails--I sent one to my grandmother and one to my mom), but I'd recommend multi-tasking so you don't go too nutty. Go for it!

Stay Green and Free!

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