Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tracking my spending and protecting my investments

So this is goal week--essentially a huge couple of objectives including financial and health. The financial is actually something thought up by Katharine and I'm jumping on the band wagon. I'm going to be keeping track of everything I spend, every little penny (because sometimes, yes, I do spend pennies). I'll probably refine my system as I go, make up some catagories, etc. and hopefully come up with some method that will make it easy to read and maybe adopt. Also on the financial horizon, I'm expecting a house guest, my best college friend from Smith, Alla. She'll be staying for a little less than a week and I'll be trying to take some of the financial burden off my parents by buying some of the meals. I'll definitely be doing this with coupons and sales and I'm hoping to provide each meal for five/six people for about $3. Stay tuned...

A lot of health goals for this week: I'm trying to wear my retainer every night to straighten out my teeth--I hope I have the sympathy of those of you who have been through this... Also I'm going walking every morning this week, hopefully, because this week is a lot cooler. I'm walking around the neighborhood, firstly because I like to enjoy the morning weather, and secondly because it uses no energy (unlike a treadmill). When I was at college I used to work out on the elliptical, which not only ran on electricity for its general stuff, but also for the TV that was mounted on it (totally awesome, but kind of ridiculous).

I'm trying to figure out some green goals for this week, probably tending to my herbs, and I'll let you know how that goes. These storms we've been having have been pretty intense. Good luck to everyone with your projects and have a great week!



(Katharine says: Do you keep track of your spending? Electronically? In a notebook? What categories do you use?)

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