Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alison's Frugal Food: Marinara Sauce

I'm back! Well, where did I go? No where too far, but I thought I would give an update about the happenings of the week...

I actually had a great experience doing some frugal cooking this week! I've accumulated a nice stash of Muir Glen organic tomato products (paste, sauce, and whole tomatoes) so the plan was to create a simple, but delicious, marinara sauce. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures when I was cooking, so bear with this detailed retelling of my adventure:

I started by sauteing 1/2 of a yellow onion and 2 small cloves of garlic. Now I know this may seem like too little to some of you *ahem...Katharine* but I promise that I add more flavor to it! Once that was done, I added one heaping table spoon of dried herbs. The herbs I used were actually a souvineer that my fellow femme, Katharine, brought back from her travels in Italy. This was a mix of herbs that included: basil, chives, celery, and more garlic...of course. Finally, I stirred in a small can of tomato paste and then one whole regular can of plum tomatoes. I let this simmer together for about 45min-1hr and it came out fabulous! Plus, it was the perfect amount for the three people who were eating.

This is definitely going to be one of the things I serve next week to my house guest--delicious, kind of impressive (to others, lol), and only cost me $0.20! Add a pound of pasta at $1 and I'll be feeding six people for a total cost of $0.20/person!So other than this challenge, there's not much else going on. I actually am going to run now to the upstairs computer to print out some coupons, since I am about to do a huge shopping run! Good luck everyone!



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