Monday, June 23, 2008

Learning to manage my finances the frugal way

We decided to start this blog because of our recent interest in personal finance and frugality. I read a lot of blogs. To keep track of them all I use Google's RSS Reader solution - Google Reader.

Don't know what RSS( is? RSS stands for Really Simple Sindication, and it is a type of web feed. Atom is another type of web feed, and the one used by Blogger. Feeds are methods of distributing content. Instead of remembering to visit The Femmes Frugal every day to check for an update, you can sign up for our RSS feed () along with the feeds of many other blogs), and check your Feed Reader whenever you have a moment. That is what I use Google Reader for. I have more than 70 personal finance, frugality, and freebies web feeds. I also have more than 100 other feeds, including webcomics, technical and gaming news, and photography feeds.

I've just added a widget to the side of the site called Katharine's Blogroll. This serves up the most recent personal finance, frugality and freebies web feeds that I am subscribed too. Though it is a great resource, I would discourage people from signing up for it, and instead encourage them to sign up for the feed of the originating blog - besides that fact that 72 blogs produce a lot of content to keep track of!

Happy reading!



  1. passivefamilyincomeJune 25, 2008 at 12:13 PM

    Hello ladies! First time to your site and I love it. I am going to add you to my blogroll. Look forward to reading more of your posts - especially the frugal recipes.


  2. Thanks very much! I very much enjoy reading your blog as well.