Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Frugal Grocery Haul

This week at Shaws, their pasta is on sale for 2 for $1! This is a great deal, as their pasta is usually 10 for $1, and it isn't uncommon to see a pound of pasta run more than $1 a box lately.

I did some couponing at Stop and Shop, which was great fun, but showed me that my envelope system for storing coupons isn't quite right yet. Well, it wasn't quite right, and now its a mess! I had a printable for $1 off any Regina vinegar or cooking wine, which, while it wasn't on sale, I needed to pick up. For the Kikkoman products - I had a $1 off 2 register coupon that expired today, and that worked out pretty well, as I got a $.55 off coupon on the low salt soy sauce, and 2 register coupons! One for $1 off my next Kikkoman order, and one for $1 off my next Stop and Shop trip! The Patak's Sweet and Smokey sauce was on sale for $2.59, and I had a printable for $1.50 off, so I'll be trying some Indian this week. The Crystal light was on sale for $2.00, and I had a $.50 off coupon that came with my free sample, which Stop and Shop doubled! So I spent a total of $6.76 on $12.66 worth of merchandise, which is the equivalent of 46.6% off! (The Patak's and Regina printables are available here)

Lastly, on the far right is my free sample of Nature Made vitamins, from wal-mart (here). I have the sneaking suspicion that someone at the Post Office is not happy with my free sample ordering - I'm having very few show up.

Another essential I picked up was a new gallon of milk. Did you know that one kind of milk is almost always significantly cheaper than the rest? The 7-11 near my apartment has the best milk prices in the area. Though I prefer skim milk, the 1% milk is almost a dollar cheaper!

How did you do this week? Happy couponing!

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