Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome to the Femmes Frugal! (again)

So, I have to post my own introduction message... I'm Katharine, though someone else you might have been recently introduced to has taken it upon herself to dub me Kathy, but I've forgiven her. I am really excited about starting this blog as well. I read a lot of personal finance blogs. And by a lot, I mean like, at least 50... and all by RSS feed, so I don't miss much. I also use the PFBuzz main feed to discover new blogs and read articles I wouldn't otherwise have found. I am currently a university student, and trying to manage feeding myself and paying my rent through graduation, which will be in May of 2009. I do this by getting as many supplies as I can off of freecycle and craigslist, or trying to find some way around my need for it.

In my recent escapades through every single PF (personal finance) blog I can find, I was disappointed to see that a lot of bloggers were stay at home moms, and the deals they provide, while great, are not quite applicable to students... I also could not find any blogger that did deals for Stop and Shop! Since Stop and Shop is the only grocer near me (I could go to Shaw's, but I would have to pay for the bus), I am going to try and come up with the best Stop and Shop deals I can find, and post them here. I have just begun using coupons, so hopefully I can come up with some good deals for everyone. Though I carry no credit card debt, I use my Bank of America (BoA) WorldPoints card for every purchase, to get rewards. Even so, my spending has been out of control lately, and I am looking to cut back significantly. I have been spending over $150.00 a week! I expect this to go down significantly next month, when I return my mothers car to her, but for now I am stuck paying for gas every week.

Anyway, look for me to post money-saving and personal-finance tips, as well as freebies, coupons, links to other blogs, and anything technical or web-based that you might be able to use to save money or become more financially aware.


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