Monday, September 1, 2008

Frugal Quickie!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday in the P&G flyer there was a BOGO coupon for Cover Girl lip color. And, conviently, CVS is offering BOGO on most Cover Girl products! You following me? Because if you haven't gotten the picture, what I say next should clear it up: I went yesterday and got 2 Outlast Cover Girl lip colors (9.99x2=19.98+tax) for $0.60!! This is probably the best deal I've ever gotten my hands on--and will make for great Christmas present for my Mom and sister!

On that topic: Christmas is less than 4 months away! Haha, I know...but seriously, start shopping for gifts now! Money for me is really tight right now and couponing is a life saver. So far I've spent $2 each on my mom and sister, but I've gotten them $25 worth of presents. Granted, most of these are not that exciting (hair conditioner, razors, chocolates, and lip color), but I kind of like giving practical gifts and since money is as tight with them both as it is for me, they'll definitely appreciate them.

Also, I've gotten my dad chocolates and a book that he'll like, but I'm pretty much stumped on what to add to his pile. Any ideas? Unfortunately, it seems that most couponers are women and so they mostly coupon for themselves or kids...has anyone found anything good for fathers lately? I'd like to keep his presents around $2 also.

Happy couponing,

P.S.-The $2.25 off Silk Milk coupon is back! Print yours now! Its organic, vegan, and delicious (try the chocolate flavor if you're not a soy milk drinker)!

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  1. I read this post and wondered if my youngest daughter wrote it. She is one of the best shoppers I know. Like you, she always knows what is on sale and where. Keep it up, you may become the next Suzy Orman.

  2. He how are you doing?

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