Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Femme Frugal Strikes Back!

I'm back! Yes, I know its been a very long time and I'm so sorry about that. It's been very hectic time for me ever since I returned from Toronto a few weeks ago...Actually that very week that I got back, I had four job interviews, which three of which resulted in job offers! Of course, being the dope that I am, I turned down one (which was 25hrs a week @ $10.50 an hour) that I thought didn't hold much promise for me (and definitely didn't spark my interest) and instead took a part time job as a polling interviewer at Quinnipiac University. The payrate is worse and the hours are less, but the schedule is such that I can work this part-time job in addition to a full-time job when I find one (hopefully soon). The other job offer came from a human resources group, which has been great, finding me temp jobs, while still helping me to look for full-time work. Starting next week I will be a working girl (in the best sense, lol)!

So besides the amazing blessing of having found work in such a terrible job market, I've also been having some great luck with my bargin shopping! Would you like to hear about it?...I thought so...

Well, in the first week of August I was very happy to take up the Walgreens deal on Hershey Bliss candy. This great treat, which I am turning into a useful stocking stuffer, was actually a money maker! I used EasySaver coupons and manufacturer's coupons to get each bag for $1 each and then having bought 4 bags, got a $5 rebate from Walgreens. That same week I picked up 3 boxes of Total cereal for $0.33each using two coupons ($1/1 and $1/2). Next week I stocked up on Bic Soliel razors and extra blades, spending $0.99 on each purchase! These are also destined to be great stocking stuffers. Finally, this past week I used coupons from the 8/24 SS to buy 16oz jars of Dole pineapple at Adams/IGA for only $0.50each! Usually you can't even buy a 12oz can of store brand pineapple for $1, so I stocked up as much as I could. I topped it off by shopping with Kathy on Wednesday and picking up a VivePro Shampoo/Conditioner at RiteAid, both free! (If anyone missed out on this deal, but has the BOGO coupon, and lives in CT, Xpect is also running a BOGO offer until 9/8!)

I promise to post more often, and trust me, there will be plenty of opportunities (especially as the drive to my part-time job takes me right past a Walgreens--yay!). I've got some other exciting frugal conversion news, so stayed tuned!


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