Friday, September 12, 2008

Frugal Shopping Makes a Comeback!

Yes! After a seriously long vacation from shopping due to work related issues, I have been long overdue for a shopping trip. The first stop was Xpect Discounts. If anyone lives in Connecticut or Massachusetts, you know this store can be difficult when it comes to coupons. They don't accept coupons printed from online, so that is extremely limiting. Fortunately, they redeemed themselves this time with trial-size products! I found De-Frizz Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner in that size for $0.99 each. And, since I had 3 $1off coupons, that translated to two conditioners and one shampoo. I plan to send one set to my cousin who is starting her first year at college in Vermont. Anyone who's recently out of college or has a child in college knows that somehow within the first month things kept in the bathroom either disappear or are used up unexpectedly.

This mildly successful couponing trip, I headed over to Shop Rite. Now this is one of my favorite grocery stores. They take all coupons that you have and have the best variety of all the grocery stores in my area. For me, today, this translated into a bill that would have been $15.84 being only $5.23! Now that's what I call a good shopping trip. It broke down to this:

1 jar CoffeeMate, $4.39, Free with coupon
3 cans Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce, $0.99each, Free w/3 $1off coupons
1 Zone Perfect Meal Bar, $1.20, $0.20 w/$1off coupon
1 Half Gallon Silk Soy Milk, $3, $0.75 w/$2.25off coupon
1 5lb bag Gold Medal unbleached flour, $2.79
1 2lb bag ShopRite powdered sugar, $1.49

Total: $5.23

This is just the start everyone! I'm really excited that they're going to be putting in an Aldi's in my area, which should lead to some really good deals to be shared.


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  1. Hi from Australia! I went to my local Aldi for the first time today and was very disappointed, but, in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have expected much. I'm fairly restricted in what I can eat due to a litany of food intolerances, and it's a bit much to expect Aldi to cater to people like me. I was also dismayed to see that a lot of their fruit and veg is pre-packed in plastic.

    Australia has two main supermarkets that dominate the grocery and fresh food sector, which does result in lower prices, but I have recently decided not to go to them after learning that their low prices are the partly the result of dodgy and unfair business practices. Low prices are great, but I don't want I'd rather pay more if it means the small business and farmers that supply the supermarkets don't suffer for it.

    But man, doing a full grocery shop elsewhere isn't easy, especially without a car, and if you want to buy products that are not only reasonably priced, but also made/grown in your own country, good for the environment and suitable for a restricted diet.

    But I'll keep trying!

  2. Wow, that's exciting to hear that you have Aldi's in Australia! I'll be sure to post what our Aldi's turns out to be like once it goes in. I don't really like the sound of plastic-wrapped produce...
    Thanks for commenting!

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