Saturday, September 27, 2008

Free Food -- It's out there people!

...And I'm going to tell you where/how to get it! Kathy suggested this idea when I first told her about some freebies I get and even if this isn't available to you in you area, maybe you can take some of the ideas and put them into action.

The first place is church--oh yeah! Now, I'm Christian and I go to a Baptist church, but this will apply to any religious group that gathers regularly. I get most of my breakfast right after/during morning bible study! Coffee, pastries, etc. Yum! After the church service, its time to go downstairs again for a light lunch (they usually have cheese slices, bagels, and fruit) and also to get some very important freebies. My church has a deal with our local Panera bread store that someone from our church will come in on Friday and pick up a huge crate of leftover bread. Then on Sunday this crate is put out during fellowship and people are invited to take bags of the bread, rolls, bagels, and other goodies. This has really helped my family save money and live more frugally in these difficult economic times. I am so grateful that someone thought of this idea.

Next freebie place: work. I work in an office and coincidentally (or not) I am a serious coffee AND tea drinker. This takes care of me all day, which means, not only do I not have to transport my own beverage from home, but I'm not tempted to buy one from the dining room when I'm tired of plain water. Besides this offering, I recently found out that my company allows employees to take one piece of handfruit (ie a banana, apple, or other) from the dining hall every morning for free! I usually bring this fruit home or have it at lunch since I've already eaten breakfast in the morning.

Other things I always keep an eye out for are special events at restaurants and other retail places. It's always fun to go out and also get a special treat!

Let us know where you find your free food!

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  1. Most communities also have church/civic group sponsored free "community meals." They are obviously geared towards helping economically disadvantaged people ... but they love it when diverse people show up. Therefore actually achieving a TRUE community meal.

  2. Thanks for the input Dawn! I've never heard of something like that happening around here, but I'll be on the lookout :)


  3. Good point, Dawn. When we have a chance, it's important that we, as community-minded people, express that not only through our environmental and financial actions!


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  5. sorry, deleted last one as it'd many mistakes by accident

    This phenomenon is quite popular in India with many communities/religions. I've never tried one but am longing for one just for the heck of it. Your blog has just increased my resolve.

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  7. Good one, and while you are at church, you might as well get saved.