Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Frugal Failure

Having spent the last 2 weeks at my parents house, I cam back to my apartment on Saturday afternoon.  Having no wish to immediately go shopping, I missed my chance to go to Haymarket (the farmer's market in Boston) this week.  Instead I just got back from a run to Stop and Shop, where I had to go to buy produce this week.

Item                          S&S      Haymarket
Romaine Lettuce       $1.79     $1.00
1lb Strawberries        $2.88     $1.00
1 Sweet Onion          $1.08     $0.20 (maybe)
Bananas                    $1.50     $1.00
Total                         $7.25     $3.20

Now, a difference of $4.05 may not be large amount, but the cost of my produce is more than double at Stop and Shop! Next week maybe I'll get off my lazy bum and go to Haymarket...

See you later!

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  1. Here in England we have fantastic farmers markets with the most amazing fresh produce. You go in to a supermarket afterwards and are totally shocked by the difference!
    Found you through Remarkablogger, by the way.

  2. I too am always shocked by the difference... Are your farmer's markets daily? I often wish ours was... It is only held on Fridays and Saturdays