Friday, July 11, 2008

Frugal Shopping: The Farmers Market and Recent Freebies

Today I went to Haymarket. For those of you not from Boston, it is an insane Farmer's market that runs Friday and Saturday, all year round, rain or shine. My haul today was along the lines of the following:

3 leeks for $1 - I love leeks. I made an Asparagus leek risotto before, and I think it would work without the asparagus. I've also checked out A Year of Crockpotting, and it looks like its not hard to do in the crockpot which would be great!
2 Asian pears for $1.50
10 heads of garlic for $1
2 blocks of cheese for $5
1 Chayote for $1 - I'd never heard of Chayote before, I think I'm going to try something along these lines. Apparently I should have let the guy talk me into 2 for $1.50, but I'll make a judgment about that after I've tried it.

Recent Freebies!
Seattle's Best Coffee
Pantene Color Expressions - My mother uses this regularly. She has brown hair, but uses the blond expressions products, and her grey hair comes in blond!
Almond Accents - though I imagine the first 100 are long gone, as this was posted on Bargainist, there is also a coupon here.

This site has a resource to make sure your printable coupons are legit(thank you SlickDeals)! Both SlickDeals and FatWallet have active forums where you can find the most up to date freebies or hot deals (see the Freebies section in the right column). You can also get the forum as an RSS feed(see my blogroll in the right column). I wouldn't subscribe to my whole blogroll, it is ginormous, but it may be worth working off of!

That's all for now. We will be silent tomorrow, in mourning of my taking the GRE... I've certainly made up for it today! Hopefully on Sunday I will post about my Chayote or Risotto recipes!



  1. Saw the year of crockpotting lady on Racheal Ray- thanks for reminding me about her :)

  2. You're welcome! She has inspired me to try using that crockpot my mother gave me... It has just been gathering dust.