Saturday, July 11, 2009

Simple Savings: Matinees

The simplest way to save on movies is simply to go early enough that you still qualify for matinee rates!  The times of course, depend on the movie theater you wish to attend.

Bulk Tickets
Some theater chains sell tickets in bulk packs at a reduced price!  Using AMC as an example, you can purchase tickets here.  With these you have to be careful though! Gold tickets are good any time, but silver tickets aren't good for special engagements, and not within the first week a movie comes out.

Cheap Summer Movies for Kids
Many chains offer cheap summer movies for kids.  These are generally movies that have been out for some time, but the ticket is free or cheap.  Don't expect the savings to reach out to concessions though.  Again, using AMC as an example, information is here.

Now, I'm off to catch a matinee of the Johnny Depp movie.  Have a good weekend!

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