Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Go Green-->Go Frugal

I will always remember my first real summer job--I was a camp counselor at a city camp for children with special needs and all of 18 years old. The main reason why it stays with me is that the kids in my group were so inspirational and funny--to be honest I've never met any other group of people with such a sincere enjoyment of what life has to offer. But the less emotional reason is that it represented a turning point: it was the first job that I actually had to drive to myself and with another person who worked there (luckily, it was my sister, yay!).

The responsibility of getting ourselves to work is something we've all learned to deal with, whether we drive, take public transportation, or telecommute. Most of these options are seldom rewarding, though, and all seem to take just a little more of our hard-earned money our of our pockets than we'd like. There is, however, a way to get a little bit back!

After surfing the big, white waves of the internet, I found NuRide--a website that lets you earn points for every carpool, telecommute, or use of public transportation you take and exchange those points for great rewards! At first I was a little suspicious, since the fastest way to earn points is referring people, it seemed a little like an environmentally-friendly Ponzi-scheme. Happily, this did not prove to be the case. They offer seriously great rewards, like Dunkin' Donuts gift certificates and free tickets to local amusement parks or baseballs games (donated by local sponsers, so offerings vary)! Best of all, they don't spam you or sell your email address; in fact, the only piece of mail I've gotten from them was my DD gift certificate, lol!

This is a great way to go green and get back some of the money you spend commuting in the process. Think: driving yourself through rush hour traffic while drinking expensive coffee or going green while enjoying a free breakfast? Don't over-think it ;-)

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