Friday, July 3, 2009

Free Toiletries - An analysis

I know most of you guys already know this - but for those who don't, but keep in mind you can get sufficient quantities of almost any toiletries for free if you are willing to be patient and have the space to stockpile a bit.  Through the CVS rewards program, or travel size containers from just about any store...

Here's a quick analysis I threw together assuming one person, with prices from Peapod (Stop & Shop / Giant's shop from home service).

Toiletry Frequency Cost Yearly Cost
Shampoo 12 per year $.89 - $9.99 $12 - $120
Conditioner 12 per year $.89 - $15.99 $12 - $192
Toothpaste 4 per year $1.99 - $4.99 $8 - $20
Body Wash 12 per year $2.50 - $7.49 $30 - $90
Liquid Hand Soap 12  per year $1.50 - $4.49 $6 - $54

So for one person, depending on what products you start out using, you could save anywhere from $68 per year to $476 per year.  I imagine that the people at the higher end of this spectrum aren't about to go out and start couponing, but they could save $400 a year by switching to the cheapest products.

And this is assuming only the simplest toiletries are taken into account.  If you use shaving gel, hand soap, or other products I haven't listed here, think about how much more you might be able to save.


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