Friday, July 10, 2009

Mega-Shopping Trip!

Wow, I haven't done a trip like this in ages! I hit CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Stop and Shop in under 2hrs (including travel time)!! Now that I'm finished bragging, let's cut to the chase:

3 - Post Trail Mix Crunch cereal (to donate, I kind of think they're yucky) @ 3/$10 w/$5ecb
Used: 3 $2/1 coupons here and $3.98ecb
Total: $0.02oop and $5ecb back (a $1 MM)

2 - Keebler Pecan Sandies @ 4/$10 w/$5RR
2 - Keebler Fudge Strip cookies @ 4/$10 w/$5RR
2 - caramel candies from the counter @ $0.33each
Used: 1 $1/1 Pecan Sandies coupon (no longer available), 2 $1/1 Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies coupon here, 1 $0.55/1 any Keebler cookie coupon here, and $6RR from Listerine
Total: $1.11oop (funny, I paid more for the caramels--in cash--than I did for 4 boxes of cookies! $0.45 vs. $0.66 in favor of the caramels)

Transaction #1:
2 - Kashi Heart 2 Heart cereal @ $2.66each
1 - Renu contact solution travel size @ $1.52
Used: 1 BOGO TQ here, 2 $1.50/1 Kashi coupon here, and 1 $1/1 Renu any size coupon here
Total: $0.18oop
Transaction #2:
2 - Edge Advanced Shave Gel @$1.90each
2 - Rayovac batteries @ $1each
1 - Crystal Light on the go drink mix, 3ct @ $0.99
Used: 2 $1/1 Edge shave gel, 2 $1/1 Edge or Skintimate Target peelies, 2 $1/1 Rayovac
Total: $0.78oop
(fyi: I f-ed myself in this one, forgot about the overage on the shave gel)
Transaction #3:
Repeated #1
Target Total: $1.14

Stop and Shop
2 - Special K Blueberry @$1.67each
Used: 2 $1/1 Special K Blueberry coupon here and 2 byo-shopping bag discounts (-$0.10)
Total: $1.24

All of these deals are good to be re-created tomorrow, should anyone wish to attempt!
In conclusion, my total was $3.49oop for 9 boxes of cereal (5 of which I'm keeping), 4 boxes of cookies, 2 shave gels, 2 contact solutions, 2 batteries, and 1 Crystal Light! My goal is to keep the cereal on average $0.50/box, which I totally accomplished, even excluding the boxes I gave away!
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