Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mo' Moe's Please!

Normally, I'm not a big birthday person. I feel like it puts pressure on everyone around me and, honestly, it tempts me to have lend a hand in celebrating me, which might give others the idea that I lack humility ;-)

I, therefore, allowed many lovely groups of people to jointly provide a pre-birthday day for me on Friday. Since about 8am, I was working from home, but around 11, stood up, stretched, and asked my mom to accompany me on my first trip to Moe's Southwest Grill. A short ride later and I was entering Moe's, printed birthday certificate in hand. Now Moe's has a unique combination of aspects: number 1, it's service method is kind of like Subway or Quodoba(sp?) where one of the workers move your food down a line adding what you want; number 2, it's seating arrangement is a mix of boothes and tables, which all look comfortable enough for a family-style restaurant; number 3, awesomeness! As soon as I walked in three super-friendly workers shouted "Welcome to Moe's!" Then, after I decided on the "Overachiever" taco, I approached the food line to warn the server about the birthday certificate I wanted to use. He was so nice about it; after wishing me a happy birthday, he asked what I would like. Tentatively, I placed my order. His incredulous response: "Just one taco? How about two? Or a combination meal?" At this point I was almost in shock. It's how I remember feeling as a little kid when I found out I could have ice cream put in soda or that ice cream could have oreos in it! "Can I do that?" I managed to get out. In probably what is the best show of customer appreciation that I've ever seen in the face of having to give away something for free, the taco artist (my word, lol) replied "It's your birthday!"

I still got the overachiever taco (with grilled tofu - Moe's scores major veggie points for this and for their use of different spoons for each topping=no meat contamination, thank you!), a side of guacamole, chips, and a drink! It was all so delicious, including the salsa from the salsa bar. Also amazing, they managed to keep the guacamole fresh. I shared with my mom, who also loved it, and there was more than enough food for both of us. Before Moe's wasn't even on my radar, now it's at the top of my list!

Later that day Katharine and I went to see the new Star Trek movie (I used a movie pass my dad had re-gifted to me from one of his students). Afterwards, we went to Coldstone Creamery for a small bowl of cheesecake ice cream with strawberries mixed in (yum!) and PretzelTime for a small order of pretzel bites. Oh, indeed. Hurray for frugal birthdays!
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