Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back to the Blog!

We're BACK! Unfortunately neither Katharine nor myself have really gone anywhere, we were just MIA from the blogosphere for the past three weeks...Definitely a lot has happened: my sister's birthday, employment drama, Katharine's graduation, my impending birthday this Saturday and, of course, Mother's day. None of which are an excuse for abandoning our goal of chronicling our fabulous frugal adventures, which as of late have been quite exciting!

To catch everyone up: My sister's birthday went off without a hitch (as I'm sure she would agree, if she ever commented on our blog instead of lurking, lol). She received a wonderful gift basket of her favorite foods, a computer case, also acquired at minimal cost, and some cash to sweeten the deal! We all had a great time celebrating her 25th birthday and I've been so lucky to have had her as my sister for all of my life.

Gumming up the works though has been my employment drama, although Katharine's has more than made up for it by being spectacular. I'm still working at an IT consulting/research company, but am looking for better options. I know I should feel lucky to have any job right now, but honestly, my job description has changed 100% since I started in September, I have put so much effort into learning new skills (my manager is an amazing and understanding teacher), and there has been no result of all our hard work. I still have the same job title, same pay wage, and same hours (basically I'm at their mercy for whether I work 24-40hrs a week). I am trying to find a job that will make me happier in terms of what my actual work is and the stability it offers, so maybe I'll include my job hunt in future posts. Otherwise though, Katharine has totally blown me away by her ability to graduate with honors, get an amazing job, and still be a wonderful friend and person! It was also fun to present her with a graduation present of neat coupon presents, including Got2b heat-protecting hair lotion, Dove skin vitalizer pads, and other little treats...

I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend, as not only Friday is my friend's birthday, Saturday is my birthday, and Sunday is Mother's Day, but Katharine will be home and I'm planning some fantastic frugal fun for the weekend! Seeing my friend at his birthday party will be great, hopefully will make some cupcakes to sweeten that deal for him. Earlier that day though, I'll be around the town with my mom, redeeming some special birthday offers that I've gotten from signing up for emails. Our stops will be Moe's Southwest Grill for a free entree and Coldstone Creamery for free ice cream! For these great birthday rewards all I had to do was sign up for their email newsletters (I also signed up for the Pretzel Time email and got a coupon for a free small cup of pretzel bites on my birthday)! I definitely want to take a minute to plug for Moe's Southwest Grill and FYI, I'm not getting anything to endorse them...They offer an amazing reward on your birthday if you join their email club, but they are also reasonably priced, healthy sounding, and vegetarian friendly! That's my trifecta of awesomeness for restaurants, so I will definitely report back to you if they live up to my expectations.

Plans for Mother's Day have been hard to come by this year, as my mom has insisted she doesn't want anything besides spending time together...Well, she'll of course be getting that, but she'll also be getting a gift basket with razor cartridges, Skintimate shave gel, Crest Whitening mouthwash, Starbuck's truffles, 3 Burt's Bee's chapsticks and 1 lip balm, hair elastics, and an adorable card from Hallmark (go to, create an account, pick a card & personalize, then checkout and use the code APRILCARD or CARD4MOM).

Well that's all for this post, which was kind of more of a social call than a frugal post. Hopefully, you can expect a frugal post to get you your deal fix later this afternoon!

Farewell, Frugalistas!

**Note: I don't know if anyone else is obsessed with John&Kate Plus 8 (I know I am!), but they're going through a really difficult time right now, so they're in my thoughts. When I first started couponing I found out that Kate is a coupon mom and I hope everything goes well for our frugal friends!
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