Friday, February 20, 2009

I’m Bringing Sexy Back (I’m so gonna get sued…)

I’m writing this article especially for the skeptics—hopefully, young people reading this blog in the 18-34yr old range have started to get the idea that being frugal and looking great can go together, but based on talking to friends, I know that you all are the hardest to convince! I know carrying your coupon book into a store can feel like the un-coolest moment of your day, but this article is all about what’s after that. So this article will help you acquire and maintain what may be one of your most important resources collections: make-up/toiletries.
I, personally, feel like I can’t turn on the television or computer without seeing some sort of ad for the newest, most advanced cosmetic product that is going to change my life forever! And, yes, like the rest of you, I immediately closed the window/changed the channel. But not without mentally adding that to my shopping list. And here’s the good news—I got it all! Well, maybe not everything, but since I started couponing and CVSing, my toiletry stockpile is on a whole new level. [Side-note to female readers: I found that Wal-Mart has some quality make-up brushes, in most cases for under $3! Brushes are the essential base of your make-up collection; I found an Ecotools brush set (6 brushes, all made from sustainable materials and packaged in an eco-friendly pouch) at Target for $11, or under $2/brush.] Basically, since I started doing the ECB rewards program I have not paid for toothpaste, mouthwash, deoderant, shampoo, or hair products. No lie. Beyond this, I now have TONS of brand-name make-up, even enough to give away! Whenever CVS does a super ECB event, I’m so there buying the limit of everything (on my card and my dad’s card that he loans me!). Recently this has lead to 2 L’Oreal Metallic eye shadows, 6 new nail polishes in various colors, Cover Girl liquid foundations, powders, L’Oreal lip juice, and Garnier make-up removing towelettes! All this cost me just pennies. Unfortunately, since these sales are past it wouldn’t make sense for me to break down the scenarios for you, but in the future, I’ll be sharing all my tips in a more timely way. Anyway, this also gave me the freedom to throw away gross lip products and way-past-their-prime nail polishes…
So if this and the clothes tips haven’t convinced you to start couponing and being a frugal shopper, then you probably have enough money that you don’t need me (in which case, will you share? Lol).To start everyone out, this week at CVS, they are offering Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste for $2.99 w/$2.99ECB back. Use this coupon for $1/1 and you'll pay $1.99oop and get back $2.99ecb that you can spend on your next purchase. Essentially, you've just "made" $1ecb. Check other websites for a more detailed explaination about how the CVS ECB program works. From now on I'll be posting weekly senarios to help out, good luck!

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