Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Frugalista or Fashionista?

First, I want to apologize to our male readers--I promise to make Kathy write a more gender neutral article very soon! Everyone, however, should be able to take the main point of the article and figure out how to apply it to him/herself. Now on with the show! 
Personally, I’ve always been interested in fashion, mostly classic looks, and the majority of my personal inspiration comes from the 1920s, 1940s, and 1960s. A great resource if you want to do some research can be found here. I’ll have to try to post a recent pic because I made a very big, but frugal, change to my appearance: a haircut *gasp*! I always used to have long, curly hair, but now have abandoned it, in favor of what my sister likes to call my “Jackie-O” cut. Before I went, I printed out about six pictures from about.com (didn’t bother buying popular magazines for inspiration, I once made this costly mistake), which really helped me describe to the stylists what I was looking for from them.
I had it done at the local technical school and, honestly, it was the first haircut that I didn’t cry after! I’ve been very attached to my hair as part of my identity since I was a kindergarten, Shirley Temple-look-alike, so after every hair cut, even trims, the tears have flowed. But this time, I went from having no hair-style, curly, down to my waist hair, to having shoulder-length, straight (or curly), with bangs and a side-part. And the frugal part? It was only $30! Now, of course, I straighten my own hair, which saves me the money and damage of having it chemically straightened every six months. The tool I use is called the “MaxiGlide” and it sells for a deceptively high price of about $80. Some of you might wonder how this is frugal, but for those of you who have been to the salon to have your hair straightened, you know that it is $30 plus tip per visit! So, in this case, I made my money back after straightening my own hair only three times. Of course, I have had my MaxiGlide for years and have used it more than three times, so it lasts, too! Also, it’s definitely been worth it to me to be able to choose whether I want my hair straight or curly.
To maintain my frugal hairstyle, I’ll be returning this month to get it trimmed and add some heavier bangs. I have heard that if you wash your own hair before hand it costs even less, which would be great! In the next update I’ll be sharing some frugal clothing secrets, including free money, so keep an eye here!

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