Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shopping Stack Up

So how did I do this week? Just to remind everyone, I was trying to make it until Friday on just $10. And...success! I only spent $4.63, even though I did a lot of shopping. On Friday with my $5 Kohl's coupon, I got a cardigan that was put on clearance and only spent $2.20 of my budgeted money! Then on Saturday, I went to Shop Rite where 8th Continent soymilk was on sale for $2.99 and with a $1/1 coupon and my own green bag bought one for $1.94.

I also went CVSing, which is a relatively new development. Here, if you're keeping track, I spent $0.43, which breaks down to:
Dad's Card: Used raincheck to get 5 Right Guard Pro Strength deoderants (reg. $9.99, sale $6 w/$6ecb=free). I used $5.98ecb and $0.02 oop. Also, with $3/1 CVS brand purchase coupon from Baltimore paper online, I got a box of 500 qtips (reg. $3.39, $0.02 got added, tax maybe?), spending $0.41.
Total: 5 Right Guard Pro deoderant and qtips=$5.98ecb + $0.43oop=$6ecb
         Also, my dad bought a box of 625qtips for $4.39 and somehow got $3.50ecb and also got $0.50 from the instant coupon printer.
My Card: Used the BOGO Throat Coolers coupon (see last post) to get 2 boxes (6ct) for $4.99. I used $5ecb (didn't bother with the penny and neither did the cashier) and got $9.98ecb. Also got $0.50ecb from the instant coupon printer.

I'm not quite sure what to do with the extra money yet. I'd like to save it in cash for expenses that I'm anticipating (sister's birthday, gas, etc.), but maybe I'll find something else. An idea I'm toying with is couponing on a regular basis for a food pantry, which would allow me to really make my weekly donation count for more. Any input is appreciated!

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