Monday, January 12, 2009

Get in the CVS Game!

I haven't really had the chance to catch everyone up with the extent of my forays into CVSing, but after nearly 6months of frugal shopping, I've definitely bought into the game. Despite the chatter on other blogs, I'm actually pretty happy with the deals CVS is offering this week and month. I've got a few senarios planned:
My card - (1) NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray, 1.52oz - $7.99 - $2/1 coupon - $5.99 w/$7.99ecb
              - (1) 1 Nutratrim Weight Management Gum - $3.99 - w/$3.99ecb
              - I'll pay the $9.98 total w/ecb (after doing the Throat Coolers deal I have the exact amount!) and
                get $11.98ecb back
              - Next, I'll get 2 boxes of SoyJoy bars ($12total w/$12ecb) and pay w/ecb and $0.02oop
              - I'll repeat this once.
              - Then, I'll get 1 more box of SoyJoy bars and 1 Sally Hansen Nail Laquer (I have a rain check for 
                 a $5.99sale w/$5.99ecb. If they care about the penny I'll use a filler item, which means I'll pay
The alternative isn't as much fun, but if they don't have the nasal spray and/or gum I'll have to go with buying 1 box of SoyJoy and a gallon of milk for my family. That'll be $6ecb and I'll have to repeat buying the SoyJoys 4x, ending w/$6ecb.

Dad's card - (2) boxes Children's Throat Coolers - $4.99ea. w/$4.99ecb ea.
                  - (1) bottle Coke - 2L, 4/$5
                  - Total of $6.24 (bottle deposit), I'll pay w/$6ecb plus $0.24oop and get $9.98ecb back!
Unfortunately, I don't have any alternative for him...Maybe if there is the nasal spray and no Throat Coolers, I'll just run that deal for him and let him get the milk and a three pack of Kleenex ($3.69 w/$1ecb).

Isn't it neat how I can make money shopping? Granted, some of the stuff I don't really want (the gum and nasal spray), but I can just give it away and someone/group I know must need it. I wonder how food pantries feel about receiving diet gum, lol....
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