Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ShopRite List for 5/16-5/22

The weekly list has returned! This time, my goal is to provide good deals and also deals that you can use internet printable coupons for from now on because I know most of you aren't interested in clipping coupons and saving them from your Sunday papers (even though you should!) lol

This week go to Shoprite for:
Free - San Giorgio QUICK COOK Pasta 3/$3 MB3 - use 3 50c/1 IP which doubles
--**Note**: I have an extra coupon that can be mailed asap since you will need 3 coupons to do this deal (you could also use 2 different computers and email addresses if you have access to that as well)
$0.17 - Each WYB 3 Stonyfield 6oz yogurts $1.50 for 3- use 1 50c/3 IP (register w/website to get coupon) which doubles
$0.29 - Heluva Good Dips $1.29-50c/1 IP which doubles
$0.99 - Heluva Good Cheddars $1.99-50c/1  IP which doubles
$0.99 - Smart Balance Eggs-$1.99-use 1 50c/1 IP which doubles
$0.99 - Real Goodness lactose-free milk half gal. - $1.99 - $1/1 IP
$1.49 - Strawberries, 1lb -- no coupons required, just an awesome sale! :)

Also, if you shop here often enough, try this deal to get a coupons for $3 off your next order:
Buy (4) Shake 'N Bake @ $1.79 each - (4) .75/1 IP's = $1.16 pay up front and get $3 in Shoprite money back! This is like making $1.84. Again, I can mail coupons if you need me to!
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