Monday, March 9, 2009

Frugal Financial Goals

Ok, so to recap, I am still saving like it’s my job. This is mostly because my job isn’t the best situation for someone in this economy trying to become financially independent and save for the future. The $10/week budget is something I am planning to do for the foreseeable future, at least as long as it is feasible. The planned expense that I was saving for is my sister’s birthday, which is coming up on Wednesday. Now that that is complete, I’m starting to save up for another planned expense. The pattern in my spending that I’m experiencing right now is that I feel better having the money on hand to spend for small or less frequent things. For bigger things that occur pretty predictably, like train tickets, I just use my debit card. This way, I’m still spending about $42/week, but I don’t have to consider additional expense because when they come up, I already have the money. There are no other planned expenses for this quarter (working in some of my new business lingo), but I figure if I start saving for second quarter expenses now, I’ll be prepared. This would actually be a good thing, since I have planned expenses every month for the second quarter!

Currently, I am also in the process of looking for a second job for my days off. It would be really great for me, in the sense that it would bring in some extra money that could increase my weekly spending budget, while also covering other expenses like my gas and train tickets. Even if it was just two 6 hour shifts per week at minimum wage that would completely cover gas and train tickets and let me add another $10/week to my spending! It would also be a great bonus if the job I find provides some kind of networking/experience-gaining advantage…

Also, I've decided that Wednesdays/Thursdays I'll post an update about the shopping that I have done/plan to do for the week. This will give time for any last minute Stop&Shop deals that you all might want to try, as well as regular deals that go until Saturday (a day when it is much easier to plan a shopping trip for...)

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